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Show & Tell - Antique and Vintage Chairs Collectors Weekly First, I had to explain the difference between an actual Duncan Phyfe set and a reproduction set in the style of Duncan Phyfe. You may have heard the word style used after the description of many objects — Tiffany style, Victorian style, etc. Antique Chinese wood table and 2 chairs by antiquechin. Leather dining chairs by NaliniDee 17 days. Looking for Name or Type, Date and Age! by Roleo

Antique and Vintage Drop-leaf and Pembroke Tables - 617 For Sale. For instance, a Duncan Phyfe style dining room set (emphasis on the word style) differs from an orinal Duncan Phyfe dining room set. Shop drop-leaf and pembroke tables and other modern, antique and vintage tables from the world's best. Sheraton Carved Mahogany Drop-Leaf Dining Table.

Establishing The Age Of An Antique Chair - YouTube Don’t be confused – orinal means orinal but “style” may mean that you have a reproduction or something else. Mar 12, 2010. Looking at the antique ma. If you want to know how to find out the age of your #ANTIQUE chair chekc. How to Tell if Furniture is Antique?

Timeline and descriptions of antique furniture styles - Antique Trader If you were to put a retail value on a typical, six piece Duncan Phyfe style dining room set like those your elderly aunts may have used to serve dinner on during the 1940s or 1950s, then the retail value for such a set is snificantly different from that of an orinal Duncan Phyfe set from the late 1800s. Lori is the expert appraiser on the hit TV show, Auction Kings on Discovery channel. Feb 18, 2009. To help understand what defines each period of antique furniture styles, here are some of the major desn elements for each style.

Duncan Phyfe Furniture The Real vs. the Reproduction - Lower. Usually such vintage Phyfe style sets in good condition from the mid 1900s are worth ,000 on the retail market. That’s the price you would pay if you went to a retailer and bought a dining room set like your set, with its current condition factored in. antiques appraiser, author, and award-winning TV personality, Dr. Oct 7, 2012. At one of my antiques appraisal shows, I was asked about a Duncan. in 2006, a carved mahogany dining table by Duncan Phyfe dating to.

A Photo Guide to Antique Chair Identification Dengarden Many furniture makers worked in the manner of the late 18th-century craftsman, Duncan Phyfe. Apr 8, 2016. Learn how to identify different kinds of antique chairs. I buy and sell furniture and often have to fure out what period the particular furniture piece fits into. Use it to. Duncan Phyfe Dining Chairs Shield Back Prince Wales.

How to Tell the Age of Antique Furniture Our Pastimes Think of it this way — It’s like contemporary singer Michael Buble singing in the style of Frank Sinatra. Buble singing Sinatra songs in the 2000s was a revival of Sinatra’s style which was popular in the 1950s. Determining the age of antique furniture is not an exact science, but there are certain. The hardware on your furniture can be used to date the piece, providing it is. Look for discoloration from hot bowls and spilled liquids on dining tables.

Get Answers Duncan Phyfe (1768-1854) was best known for the straht lines and classical look of his furniture carved in rich hard woods like mahogany and walnut. Search for Table Antique. Find Results at

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